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Charlton Live - PODAST RELEASED - Wigan reaction with Lee Bowyer

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Listen live via our website here - or if that doesn't work, via the tune in website here - - or via the Tune In app on your mobile phone/tablet.

Join us at 7pm or live via the podcast afterwards as we look back at the defeat against Wigan. We'll hear the highlights of the game and also Lee Bowyer's full post-match interview. We'll discuss the talking points of the game and try and work out why things have gone downhill in the last couple of weeks. We'd love to hear what you made of the game as well - contact us below. Also, as Lee Bowyer was asked whether he'd like to see VAR in the Championship - we'd like to know if you would like to see the technology introduced at our level?

Contact the studio - 

Email [email protected]
tweet @CharltonLive 
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  • Bump - live soon. We'd also like to hear your views on yesterday's game.
  • I ❤️ a good PODAST
  • We all do Fumbluff, we all do. 
  • I like these podcasts, I'll listen to this one on my drive to work tomorrow. A double bill of you lot on the way in and the offensive on the way home is a good podcast day
  • Only just discovered these podcasts myself. Have now subscribed and like others have said, perfect thing to get on whilst travelling to work.
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    Definitely should be starting Chuks in the next game in my opinion. Fit or not, Hemed has offered literally nothing since he's been in the side.

    Granted its only a couple of games, but he hasn't shown me anything yet over 3 hours of game time.

    Chuks got slated for the Birmingham game but to be honest I didn't think he was that bad. He gets on the ball a lot and at least he tries to drive forward and create something with it. I reckon he probably touched the ball more times in that appearance than Hemed did the whole game. I didn't attend the Wigan game, but I understand that he gave a good account of himself when he came on.

    Leeds are a big physical team and feel the presence of Chuks will be able to match and maybe pose some problems for them. I know Bowyer said he isn't number 9 material just yet, but for this game and given Hemed's recent performances, I don't think we have much else to go with.

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