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Morris Dancing


  • Not sure, after the career slide he's been on since he left Chelsea...
  • I think we have been here before Henry on another site long long ago. I know you are a closet MD.
    Be proud, the Spainish have their Matadors, the Russains have their Cossack dancers, the Japanese have their Sumo wrestlers and we have our Morris Men.
    There is a Greenwich Morris Men society and they have a long standing right to advertise themselves on one of the houses on the Eltham Park eastate.
    A troop always perform outside The Lamb Tavern in the City on St Georges Day and there are plenty who perform all over Kent on May Day too.
  • [cite]Posted By: DJ Davey Dave[/cite]
    There is a Greenwich Morris Men society

    I'm fairly certain is was them who prompted this thread, as they was dancing outside the Market Porter tonight.
  • Was one of them a Ging-er?
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