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How Many Points Will We Get In October?

Well after a tough September, and a 3 points tally achieved, (Leeds at home) it gets even tougher in October!

5 games to play, 2 at home, and 3 away.

So what will October bring to Charlton fortunes, and how many points do you think we’ll get?

Usual rules apply, all entries must be in by midnight before the first match Tuesday 1st of October, no cash prizes, just the glory and smugness of being right,  bearing  in mind September only had 3 games, Mr one lung was the only person who predicted 3 points correctly!

Matches are a season follows :smile:

Wednesday 2nd October - Swansea City - Home - 1 point

Saturday 5th October - Fulham - Away - 1 point

Saturday 19th October - Derby County - Home - 3 points

Wednesday 23rd October - Bristol City - Away - 0 points

Saturday 26th October - West Brom - Away - 1 point

Total 6 points

* Don’t shoot the messenger, the missus has provided the dates for me , whilst I’m typing them , you do not, repeat not mess with her!


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