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Alan Mullery Event

Not one of my favourite managers but might interest local fans.

"Please can you let Charlton Athletic Supporters of an event taking place they might be interested in ?

An Evening with Alan Mullery

Friday 21st February

7.30 pm

At Bognor Regis Town Football Club

if you can would be appreciated"


  • edited November 2019

    To be honest i thought he was dead.

    Never liked him when he was our manager . I always associated him more with The Nigels than us. 

    Having said that he will have a lifetime of stories to tell and i would expect the night to be really interesting. 
  • You can get tickets from [email protected] or by calling David on 07876 497929. 
  • To quote the reported very last deathbed words of King George V, 'Bugger Bognor'
  • Not a very nice person to deal with.............. I'll pass
  • Derek Hales will not be attending.
  • He thought he was bigger than us--- its a no from me

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