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A Sincere Thank You

Alright ladies and gents, my time here in England has come to an end, I jet back off to Chicago at half 3. A massive snowstorm and 60 mph winds have closed some roads in Wisconsin so I'm annoyed to be leaving what is for the moment, a very sunny England!

I couldn't have imagined how amazing this trip would be and I was overwhelmed by the friendliness of everyone associated with Charlton Athletic. This club is different, nothing else compares to the sense of community this club has. When I go home, my mates who support Chelsea, Tottenham, and Man U will be rethinking their choice after hearing my stories. Rest assured, I shall continue to try and carry on the Charlton legacy in the states and attempt to convert more people to the red and white. (Will also do some snooping around on the new supposed american bidders)

Thank you all for a lovely week, and thanks again to all the lifers who took some time to say hello and chat. I hope to be back over for another game sooner rather than later.



  • I'm disappointed you didn't get to see a win. Safe journey home.
  • Was nice to meet you mate.
    Glad you enjoyed your trip.
    Safe journey home 
  • It was nice to meet you very briefly, have a safe journey home.
  • Safe journey home, enjoy the snow!
  • Was good to meet you in the museum. Shame it was so busy that we couldn't chat properly.

    Safe trip home

  • Y'all come back to visit with us again real soon!!
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  • Fair play for coming all the way over.  Nice to very briefly meet you, shame we didn’t win either game but you got the ‘winning feeling’ in both games for a while, saw what sounded like a decent match v Cardiff and got to experience real old school football grounds by going to Luton.  Spread the word and maybe you can start a US Addicks fans group in future assuming it does not already exist.  Safe journey home.
  • Good to have met you briefly Ross.

    All the best.

  • Y'all come back to visit with us again real soon!!

    He said Chicago, not New Orleans.
  • Nice to meet you in the Museum, at the dinner and at Luton. Hope to see you again next time.
  • Glad you're home safely Ross, hope to see you again sometime.
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Roland Out!