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Unjustified attacks.

I wrote this on the racism in football thread:

It is a problem that is huge and pervades everything.
It won't diminish look how many millions chose to vote for a racist government with such enthusiasm.
A lot of people are simply like that to the point that I assume everybody is a racist until I feel in some way reassured that they're not.
I might add that being Chinese, or black or brown or Jewish or whatever does not stop someone being racist. However I am more wary of white English people than any other group (I don't live in America, Australia or South Africa).
In football if there is a hint of racism ideally matches should be abandoned immediately, get the pain and suffering (of the ruination of the sport) out there and exposed in order to motivate people to try to effect change.
It has been a long time since Tommie Smith and John Carlos and what really has fundamentally changed beyond a degree of tokenism?

People have been piling in to give me a virtual kicking because of it.

The bit people object to is that I said I feel more wary of white English people than any other group.

So I take it from posters on here that another poster is not allowed to say they feel more 'wary' of white English people than any other group.
I have not said all white English people are racist.
I have effectively said I am cautious.

If that is enough for people here to say the things about me on the closed discussion please explain why.
AFKA you said I have 'lost the old plotto'.
Perhaps you could explain why what I wrote in the above post is losing the plot.

@alan dugdale you describe me as a racist old twat (clearly a bit more of an acceptable term that 'wary' on this forum), well prove it. Back your words up.
You say I am a lunatic, well that is an opinion you hold, but you are wrong.

@Huskaris you say I remind you of a 'racist old relative', justify why what I wrote would make me racist.

@Covered End  you wrote 'So if I say I won't go to Lewisham or Catford after dark because I am too wary of black people, is that ok as well ?'
Nice try but I did not write anything like that. I did not say the words 'too wary of white people', but your characteristic mis-quoting helps you to up the ante.
If it helps this is what I wrote, in it's context. 'I might add that being Chinese, or black or brown or Jewish or whatever does not stop someone being racist. However I am more wary of white English people than any other group (I don't live in America, Australia or South Africa).'
Where is there any sense that I said I am 'too wary of white people?'.

I imagine that my attempt here to defend myself against a number of posters will be taken down or the discussion closed.
It is fine to close the discussion, but I feel it is reasonable to leave my defence up here for the sake of the truth.


  • Go to bed. 
  • What is brown? 
  • I also wonder what people would have said had it been myself, or any other poster known to be minority ethnic, who commented they were more wary of white English (or potentially British) people than those of another ethnic group.

    Maybe it's because I'm overwhelmingly more likely to be racially abused by someone white and English. Was in the pub the other day, some bloke (guess what ethnicity?) shook my hand (can't recall context), found out through casual conversation that I was mixed race, then immediately pulled out some anti-bacterial gel and fucking wiped the hand I shook, then left.

    Like, I AM more wary of white people, because I feel that as a majority, they're more likely to enable my marginalisation.

    And to address another poster - it's an uncomfortable truth, but it's understandable why one might feel more scared at night around black people. Maybe, though, instead of attributing it to race, we can examine the wider reasons why you've been led to feel that way (e.g. historical marginalisation leading to poverty/crime being disproportionate amongst black communities? etc).


    To clarify, I don't think what Seth said was exactly well-phrased. I think he - again - failed to clarify what he might have meant properly, and it reads terribly.

    But the amount of relish people dived in with is a bit much. 
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    It's Christmas Eve. leave it till the new year
  • What is brown? 

  • Merry Xmas Seth. 
    Now go to bed and stop being a knob 
  • Words fail me.

    Happy Christmas everyone.
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  • Merry Xmas Seth. 
    Now go to bed and stop being a knob 
    Your opinion is most welcome, and the throwaway line helps you and others to avoid engaging in the point.
    Yet I am the knob.
    Yeah right.
  • Go to bed 
    I am cooking at the moment. hard to do from a bed.
  • Off_it said:
    Are you calling me a racist?
  • Spot on. 
  • Spot on. 
    Are you also calling me a racist?
  • No that's your domain
  • I've never seen someone chat such utter shite, so shocked when people bring him up on it. It's fascinating. 

    I genuinely believe that he just doesn't get it and thinks that everyone is missing his fantastic points, perfectly argued. 

    Luckily me and him are going for a pint at the match on boxing day to iron out any differences.

    I'm going to put bootpolish on my face so that he doesn't racially stereotype me as an evil white person though. I wouldn't want to ruin our friendship before it is started. 
  • Go and have a drink and enjoy xmas
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  • Off_it said:
    If you cant see the problem with what you wrote then I really really cant take anything you say seriously. Buffoon.
    You are the buffoon I'm afraid.
    The old 'if you can't see it then I'm not telling you' trope does not wash.
    If you are capable of explaining yourself and justifying what you say, then go right ahead.
    I will ask you again, if you are calling me a racist then back it up if you can.

  • Seth.... You have lost the plot... If you were a horse you would be put down.... Enjoy your meal and let it go. 
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