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Rate My Plate 2019 - Exhibit B - Ron Lee

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Rate My Plate 2019 - Exhibit B - Ron Lee 128 votes

6% 8 votes
6% 8 votes
13% 17 votes
22% 29 votes
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16% 21 votes
10% 14 votes
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  • Did they get back from the pub an hour late hence everything burnt?

    even then they appear to have forgotten gravy 
  • What have you done to that poor Yorkshire pudding? I also worry about what might be hidden under that splurge of red cabbage.  
  • You knew you were taking this photo for a competition, I assume that was the best Yorkshire of the lot, shameful. More red cabbage than sausages on the plate is also poor form. 

    Remove the Yorkshire and red cabbage though, and you've got a lot right. 6/10.
  • Far too dry and it looks like someone’s thrown up a purple vomit on the side of the plate .
  • Drier than a nuns 
  • I've never witnessed sprouts with bacon that look quite as insipid as those. 
  • Finest example of Ascocoryne sarcoides I've ever seen 10/10
  • The Red Cabbage is very dominant here 
  • Good colour but you're not at Harvester, no need to pile it up so high.
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  • At least there's no chance of food poisoning from undercooking.
  • cabbles said:
    The Red Cabbage is very dominant here 
    Dominant? It’s a steaming pile! 
  • edited December 2019
    My thought on Yorkshire puddings are well documented.

    Unfortunate that one of the kids lobbed a huge ball of purple play dough across the table and on to the plate??
  • Apart from the burnt Yorkie, not a bad plate 
  • Somewhat dry with wayyyy too much red cabbage and a Yorkshire. 
  • How on earth are people messing up cooking frozen Yorkshire puddings?!

    That amount of red cabbage is going to overpower everything else.

    And where is the one thing they might not be able to make dry, the gravy? 
  • This is evoking festive memories, sadly they are the memories when my old uncles colon finally gave out and he ejected something as bloody and pulpy as the mess on the right side of the plate
  • Yorkshire puddings dont go with Turkey...!!!!

    Also too dry.

    Only reason it got a 3 from me is because its presented well.
  • Everything is there, Yorkie a bit burnt but for me they're take or leave, cabbage is perhaps a bit overkill. But generally decent and giving benefit of the doubt that gravy will be poured on. Decent decent. 
  • Was this cooked in a nuclear reactor?
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  • se9addick said:
    What have you done to that poor Yorkshire pudding? I also worry about what might be hidden under that splurge of red cabbage.  
    I'm more worried about what appears to be on top of the red cabbage.

    Once again, the plate's too small so it's all cramped and badly displayed.
  • Is that a placenta?
  • Genie coming out the red cabbage
  • The red cabbage is fine until it runs at John Hurt and attaches itself to his face. 
  • Filthy red cabbage not for me , I don’t like parsnips or carrots either ,  just green veg for me but that’s my bland taste buds and I don’t mind dry overcooked food but it needs some gravy .
  • edited December 2019
  • Yorkshire pudding.  FFS
  • someone took a huge purple shit on the plate 
    the Yorkshire is burned 

    decent sized pigs in blankets and Brussels with lardons 

    but I’d have been lying if it was served to me and I said thanks 
  • Ron Lee with the burny Yorkie was....


    13/20 - 4.69

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