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Rate My Plate 2019 - Exhibit G - Albie Park

Marks out of 10 and any comment you feel necessary 

Rate My Plate 2019 - Exhibit G - Albie Park 96 votes

2% 2 votes
0% 0 votes
3% 3 votes
7% 7 votes
8% 8 votes
21% 21 votes
30% 29 votes
21% 21 votes
3% 3 votes
2% 2 votes


  • Not too bad, apart from the suicidal Yorkshire pudding. Also, is that beetroot on the plate?
  • 5/10.

    A better effort than most. At least it looks edible 
  • The hateful plate deserves an eight 

    I can taste the salt from here, this is a heart patient pleading with their doctor "but I had some green stuff" with a knowing glint in their eye as they think of the thick, salty gravy slathered over anything green. 

    This one doesn't look bad, my concern is for what ham is doing on a christmas day plate but I can forgive that
  • A solid if unspectacular effort, though the carrots look like they were prepared with machete by a person with Parkinson's
  • Solid 8/10
  • Steady Eddie of dinners.

    Is that a plate on top of a place plate ?
  • Best yet
  • The best effort so far 
  • Decent effort. 
  • If that’s beetroot the cook needs to be sectioned 
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  • If anything I think this exercise has shown how tricky it is to photograph food. Perfectly good plates just don’t look appetising. 

    Next time you watch an M&S advert, remember these pics and live in awe at the talent of ad directors. 
  • Potatoes don't look amazing, if that's turkey on top, it looks more than a bit pink to me. 

    Hopefully the person who took this is alive to see the 6/10 I am giving them. 
  • Yorkshire pudding.

    Get out.
  • Pretty good effort, carrots look like a bit of an afterthought though. Also, beetroot on any plate is a criminal offence in my view, so I've had to deduct a point for that.
  • In the lead decent meal I’d eat the lot well done 
  • Crowded and another fecking Yorkshire pudding, other than that, pretty good.
  • Looks good but Christmas Dinner not complete without bread sauce
  • More parsnips than roast spuds no no no 
  • Albie Park with the only beetroot-laden entry was...

    Me :-)

    3/20 - 6.46

  • Well done smudge was my fav this one 
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  • Was Mrs AFKA, not me. I just cooked a gammon the night before. Actually thought it was overmarked compared to others but it did taste lovely.

    Cooking three different types of dinner with a small single oven / 4 rings is a real logistical nightmare, wife did a great job.

  • I knew this was you, as you said something like ‘ how could I forget beetroot’ on the pre Xmas food thread. 
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