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Rate My Plate 2019 - Exhibit N - Abbie Woods

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Rate My Plate 2019 - Exhibit N - Abbie Woods 81 votes

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4% 4 votes
9% 8 votes
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  • What is it with all the frozen Yorkshires?  They aren't exactly hard to cook.

    Decent effort though this. 
  • Three Spuds 🥔 . That’s Scandalous 
  • Not a spot of green in sight, either someone doesn’t worry about their five a day or they’re trying to recreate a desert scene. The turkey certainly looks arid. 
  • Not enough flora and fauna on there for me.
  • Clearly a Lifer who has never grown up. Whilst everyone is enjoying the company of friends and family, this guy / girl is sitting there thinking “I know, let’s recreate Johnny 5 from Short Circuit”.

    Before you know it there are robot eyes, parsnip nose and a raw carrot gob. 

    Having had Short Circuit on the tv at work today, this is exactly what sprang to mind. 

    Not a bad effort, but again where is the gravy? 
  • Is there a national Bisto shortage? 
  • Aunt Bessie will be pleased. 
  • Where is the greenery? Can only think they drunk 15 gallons of water alongside this just to be able to swallow it.
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  • Is this the first one with turkey and gammon?

    Woeful spud complement.

    Two fecking Yorkshire puddings.

    Red cabbage looks nice.

    Where's the green veg, where's the gravy.
  • Abbie Woods with the googly robot eyes was...


    11/12 - 5.06

  • Abbie Woods with the googly robot eyes was...


    11/12 - 5.06

  • Was what people were smoking while cooking that. 
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