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2020 CL Prediction Knock Out Cup 3rd Round Draw/Johnstones Paint 2nd Round Draw

Half of the predictors (including me) no longer have an interest in this thread, but Sky have already been in contact with me and the cameras will definitely be heading to National League's @NorthheathAddick for the visit of mighty @MrOneLung.  The ties take place this weekend  of 1/2 February with replays the following week if needed. Here are the draws - Good Luck

Prediction Knock Out Cup 3rd Round Draw
meldrew66 (44) [Champ] v. T_C_E (74) [Lg2]
paulbaconsarnie (67) [Lg1] v. sholland (15) [Prem]
NorthheathAddick (99) [Nat] v. MrOneLung (1) [Prem]
Paddy Powell (2) [Prem] v. Hornchurch (60) [Lg1]
bellz2002 (108) [Nat] v. AFKABartram (79) [Lg2]
Seabros (21) [Champ] v. Bedsaddick (6) [Prem]
Buglehorn (4) [Prem] v. jakecafc (48) [Lg1]
LenGlover (54) [Lg1] v. blackpool72 (30) [Champ]
56yearsofdreams (103) [Nat] v. walshiesleftfoot (29) [Champ]
adrian (112) [Nat] v. dajavouslagan (27) [Champ]
Hamlet (35) [Champ] v. RaplhMilne (38) [Champ]
Alex Wright (63) [Lg1] v. Taxi_Lad (39) [Champ]
tommo (16) [Prem] v. Addickted2U (101) [Nat]
Covered End (71) [Lg2] v. cafckev (89) [Lg2]
SaySomething (51) [Lg1] v. Pedro45 (76) [Lg2]
Chippycafc (58) [Lg1] v. charltonnick (8) [Prem]

Johnstones Paint Prediction Cup 2nd Round draw
bobmunro (41) [Champ] v. CAFCspooney (17) [Prem]
GoOnYouHaddocks (12) [Prem] v. Sillybilly (87) [Lg2]
Dippenhall (11) [Prem] v. creepyaddick (97) [Nat]
WestSussexAddick (107) [Nat] v. Beardface (46) [Lg1]
Len\'s_little_girl (113) [Nat] v. CL_Phantom (96) [Nat]
rananegra (72) [Lg2] v. Bournemouth Addick (31) [Champ]
Algarveaddick (56) [Lg1] v. BertieB (75) [Lg2]
Addickted (9) [Prem] v. Killarahales (121) [Nat Sth]
Lewis Coaches (86) [Lg2] v. foresthillred (82) [Lg2]
kentwo (37) [Champ] v. stackitsteve (5) [Prem]
CHG (106) [Nat] v. Macronate (55) [Lg1]
eddieaddick (34) [Champ] v. stonemuse (62) [Lg1]
Big_Bob (26) [Champ] v. clive (85) [Lg2]
Johnnysummers5 (43) [Champ] v. Saulc23 (128) [Nat Sth]
Blackheathen (80) [Lg2] v. Dannoo_86 (10) [Prem]
Webbja77 (70) [Lg2] v. ellisaddick (115) [Nat]


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