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Charlton Live - PODCAST RELEASED - Reaction to Blackburn with Lee Bowyer + Bob Bolder interview

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Join us live at 7pm or via the podcast afterwards as we look back at yesterday's 2-0 home defeat against Blackburn. We'll discuss the game and also hear Lee Bowyer's post-match reaction. We also have an exclusive interview with former Addicks goalkeeper Bob Bolder about his time at the club.

Want to have your say on the show? Join in below.

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  • Think your Thursday night preview show jinxed Saturdays set of results for us & the bottom three. 
  • I thought that Blackburn deserved the 3 points yesterday, sure their keeper made some good saves, but our overall play was not the best.

    We can blame the football for a fiver, we can blame the poor weather, we can even blame the refereeing decisions , but now the excuses have to stop.

    The Luton match on Saturday is massive, hoping Pratley is back to start the match, and that Hemed goes back to the bench, as he looks about as likely to get a goal as Josh Parker, tactics and substitutions have got to be spot on, hoping Jonny Williams will be back?
  • Any news on progress on the contract offers to Philips, Doughty & Sarr? Thx Barry
  • fans bar should be season ticket holders only,got there 12.30 and couldn't get a seat,outrageous!!! 
  • Sometimes it is just horses for courses. We lacked any real creativity and they set up solid and dealt with the conditions better and recent form made them a confident team. We did have chances, Taylor should have headed downwards. It was a good save but in the best place to save it. Cullen's shot was decent but most keepers save that, 

    I do think Oztumer would have helped us offensively but we will never know. I don't think we should be too pessimistic. We have an important game on Saturday and we will be slight favourites. Win that and it looks rosier. 
  • It was a good show tonight. If you didn't hear it, it would be worth downloading.
  • cheers Chizz
  • Who is the midfielder we were about to sign, but who became suddenly unavailable, according to Terry? 
  • Chizz said:
    Who is the midfielder we were about to sign, but who became suddenly unavailable, according to Terry? 
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