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What makes a football club a "family club"?

How does a football club earn the right to be called a "family club"?  

I mean, there are a few things that are obvious.  Like the police being called to eject the Chairman from the ground.  Or the owner posting social media images of scantily-clad women of ill repute.  Or accusations of fraud being thrown around.   Or well-respected, long-standing, competent members of staff being "sacked" for diligently carrying out their duties.  

But what else does a football club have to do to earn the magical sobriquet? 


  • Football for a Fiver and Kids for a Quid
  • Probably the family part
  • Sadly Chizz I think it is a term that is dying out. Less and less kids are coming through now choosing to stay in their bedrooms playing Xbox or watching Youtube. I have 3 x grandsons and it is a struggle to get them to games where as I would pester the life out of my dad to take me.
  • "your sister is your mother"
  • It's like the cliches "The xxxx fans expect a certain style of football" or "The yyyy fans expect 100% effort from their players" as if "The zzzz fans" are happy with half arsed players hoofing the ball about!
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