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A Reminder of Happier Days ((:>)


  • Taken from the BBC

    Bowyer v Dyer, 2005

    Along with Paolo Di Canio pushing over referee Paul Alcock, this was one of the most surprising and shocking moments in Premier League history.

    With Newcastle losing 3-0 to Aston Villa at St James' Park and an angry home crowd making their feelings known, frustrations started to show on the pitch.

    It all came to a head when Bowyer was left fuming after Dyer decided not to pass to him and a scuffle broke out, with Dyer later admitting he was intentionally not passing to his team-mate.

    The fallout from the incident, which resulted in both being sent off, saw Bowyer hit with a seven-game ban while both players were forced to make a public apology for their behaviour.

  • Started on the Friday at training over “not passing to each other’. 
    Jumpers for goalposts. 
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