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Easter Eggs

Anyone eaten/ bought one yet?

Any favourites?


  • Ate 2 at the beginning of lock down - got none left now :(
  • I brought them in feb . When they were cheaper & the world was normal got lots for kids & mrs spitfire & 3 cases of 12 smaller ones for all the staff that are now no longer working !
  • Nope, still got one from last year in the cupboard!
  • Highly recommend the Fruit and Nut one. I'm normally not a chocolate fan but this one didn't take me too long to finish. 
  • Complete waste of money. 
  • Bought 3 for the kids & 3 for them from my parents (as we cant get down to see them now). Mine were Mars bar ones, ones from them were Heroes. 
  • Bought some in Tesco today as they were already down to £1.50 for quite large eggs.  Will quarantine them until Easter and let my kids tuck in.
  • M&s turned on the 3 for 2 early 
  • For kids it is a good way to introduce some normality. Don't let them eat them early and show that we can all still celebrate a holiday like Easter.
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