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Best sport related films

after some suggestions for the Easter weekend 

for me its got to be Happy Gilmore 

also really enjoyed The Dammed United 


  • Invictus
  • Jerry Maguire
    The Blind Side
    Cool Runnings

  • funnily enough, i was reading this earlier
  • Senna
    The Damned United
    Bobby Robson biopic 
  • Green Street
  • Escape to victory 
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    Rocky 1 through 4
    Coach Carter
    Any of the escape to victory remakes ala mean machine

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    Cool Runnings
    Eddie the Eagle
    Damned United
    Mighty Ducks
    The Keeper
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  • Damned United 
    Golden Gordon
    Eddie the Eagle
  • Raging Bull
    Is the correct answer.

  • Damned United
    Le Mans
  • Rollerball
    Jossy's Giants
  • Debbie does Dallas
  • Icarus
    god bless you
  • Grand Prix
  • ID.

    Fucking love you Gumbo...
  • A documentary film rather than a story, but if you haven't seen the Diego Maradona film yet, it is brilliant. It was on Channel 4 last week and is available on All4 for a limited time...
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  • My favourites:

    I, Tonya
    Damned United
    Le Mans 66
  • The best sporting films work as films in their own right.

    Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, The Natural, The Longest Yard, Bend it Like Beckham, The Karate Kid, When we Were Kings, Million Dollar Baby, Slapshot, The Wrestler, Friday Night Lights, Hoop Dreams. 
  • If you like American Football then:

    Any Given Sunday
    Remember The Titans
    Friday Night Lights


    Blades of Glory

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    White men can't jump
    The fighter
    I Tonya
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    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned "When We Were Kings".

    My favourite ever sports documentary film  . It's about the Rumble in the jungle - Ali v Foreman in 1974 . 

    I can't believe someone said Green Street .  One of the worst films ever made .  
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    (Bob Champion's successful fight against cancer and then going on to win the Grand National on Aldaniti. 1984 film starring John Hurt).
  • King Of Kong is a fun documentary about competitive arcade-gaming that's made in the format of a Rocky style sports film.
  • Always had a very soft spot for Remember the Titans. And The Waterboy obviously
  • The Wrestler
    The Fighter
    Million Dollar Baby 
    Damned United

    Class of 92
    I Believe In Miracles
    Miracle in Medinah
    Seve (too much archive to not be classed for me as a documentarry)
    Next Goal Wins
    Fire in Babylon
    When We Were Kings
    Free Solo

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