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Old Gods Rising

A good friend of mine out here in Canada, and a fellow Brit, who, until a year ago, used to work for Bioware as an art director has setup his own independent video games company - Bad Blood Studios.

Today it launched its first title 'Old Gods Rising', available through Steam. He's one of the good guys and has been through a lot (a rare form of blood cancer) to get to the stage where he was ready to take on this venture. He's built this game almost entirely himself, story, design, programming - only hiring actors to record the voice parts.

If you're a gamer it'd be great of you could check it out.


  • That looks awesome. Read the review too, which was very positive. Unfortunately, don't have a Windows machine, so can't try it. But best of luck.
  • Thanks @LoOkOuT. I’ve not been a gamer since I was in my early 20s so not up on current gaming trends/standards, but I was impressed by the trailer considering he’s effectively made the whole thing from his basement and had to teach himself programming to do it. I’m really happy for him that the first review is positive. 
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