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A way to end the season - relegation play off.

IV been thinking that it's almost impossible at our level to have so much testing. And the costs only make sense for the TV broadcasters, so why not a happy medium of firstly finishing the season for all Leagues on ppg. But instead of just finishing it we could have the bottom three and top 3rd to 6th in a cup competition to either stay up or get promoted. The number of games would then be drastically reduced so less interaction and less cost of sourcing ppe(also not competing as much with the NHS for supplies) secondly all the games that are continued have value and not some pointless midtable game with nothing to play for.

Could have a bye in the first round for the team in 3rd in the division below as they have the best form all season.


  • Need to edit the title as it is not a fair way to end the season.
  • I was thinking you could do a bit like Scotland do and Have 1st Place in League 1 play 24th in Championship, 2nd Plays 23rd & 3rd plays 22nd (us) - whoever wins is in the championship next season. They won't do it but I think its reasonably fair and works
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    There is a fair way to end a season where you have to play every team twice and that is to finish it when every team has done that. Any other way is based on what system suits whatever club or supporter of that club suggests. You will never find a fair solution under these circumstances. Voiding it is the fairest as long as you have tried to play the games and can't. Fairest of all is completing the season whenever you can before you start the next season.
  • So, because we're running out of time and resource to get the season finished, we should extend it?  Cool suggestion. 
  • If you want to be fair, you have to finish the season for it to be valid, or void it. That is the point. The compromise is that due to an unprecedented virus, the season has to be voided. Personally, I think it is possible for us to be playing games in June. Not sure how the season could be completed, but four or five more games might feel fairer.
  • As far as efl are concerned it's not about being fair is it, it's just an easy solution for them, helped of course that there's no big clubs involved. Which is another reason why they've been dragging their feet about points deductions for the 3 cheats up north, they didn't want to deduct points that could possibly cause them to be relegated. EFL are a fucking disgrace.
  • Chizz said:
    So, because we're running out of time and resource to get the season finished, we should extend it?  Cool suggestion. 
    Except that's not true is it. We have 9 league games left, if that's changed to 1/2 via a play off, that's not an extension at all is it, its a massive reduction. 

    Of course I accept that if that cannot be completed before June 30th then the season does have to extend timewise. 
  • Why not just hold the season on pause...until it is 100% confirmed that playing the remaining games is ok again and it can be done Infront of a live audience.

    We could be talking about another 6months plus. Who knows. 

    Automatically extend the contracts that are due to expire prior to the season continuing.

    It's the simplest most sensible idea in my opinion.

    All other possible plans and ideas will cause loads more arguments
  • MrOneLung said:
    Need to edit the title as it is not a fair way to end the season.
    @mathew_davey I was only joking mate 
  • We just won a play-off. Thé deal is to then get a 46 game season as a reward. 
    The clubs in the league below have to do the same. 
    The football league can burn to hell if they let them replace us without any right.
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  • Forget relegation play offs or any other false way to end the season. It has to be played to a finish however long it takes. If we get relegated on the basis of an unfinished season we should fight it all the way.
  • A relegation play-off just sounds like the introduction of yet another way to decide what is and isn’t fair.
  • Penalty shoot out every game. Two takers and two goal keepers from each team. Best of ten and spare players only in attendance in case of injury. 
    Still a shit way to get relegated, but much much fairer - as we have Lyle.
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