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Charlton v Middlesbrough virus connection?

We keep hearing that Atletico Madrid fans could have been responsible for a high number of Covid cases in Liverpool and also suggestions that the Cheltenham festival shouldn't have happened. I've also heard that the highest number of cases in the north east is in Middlesbrough.

What I haven't seen is any connection being made between the high number of cases there and the fact that Middlesbrough were the last team from the north east to play a match in London (where the virus first took off in this country).

The match against us may have saved Middlesbrough from relegation but I'm wondering at what cost to their inhabitants? I don't know how many supporters they had at the match (I wasn't there) but I presume a lot of them would have gone drinking in London pubs that weekend.

Liverpool City council is apparently conducting an investigation into the impact of the Atletico match.

Lockdown should have happened a fortnight earlier in my opinion.


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