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Will try and keep as brief as possible guys.

Anger and sheer disappointment at what’s happened over the last few months has led to an increased difficulty in trying to moderate the forum appropriately. Naturally, many are annoyed and furious. Sometimes that leads to contributions that are stronger in tone and language than normal. 

We constantly remind users of appropriate usage and our terms of service. We also constantly remind you of your responsibility and we underscore accountability for your own contributions, but still many people struggle at times to keep within the boundaries of that which is acceptable. 

Additionally, in the shit storm behind the scenes at the club it has become clear that new users have emerged to stir the pot. Whether they’ve been intentionally deployed, or they are simply individuals who’ve had prior poor dealings with some of the lead characters and are now revelling in those getting their comeuppance, who knows? But it’s been another difficult factor to contend with in managing the community. 

Until certain aspects in this saga become clearer, as a pool of moderators we’ve made a couple of short term changes that we believe will best protect the forum and its users.

For the immediate future we’ve made the Shenanigans thread Members Only, and we’ve stopped accepting new applicants to the forum. 

We apologise to true Charlton fans who are not members but enjoy following the key threads everyday and hope you can appreciate our reasons. We’ve not had to do this in 16 years and, hopefully, we’ll be able to open up again soon. 

For our users, please take on board the warnings that moderators have repeatedly provided. Count to ten before committing your posts, read your wording before your press post and think how it may read if presented in isolation to someone not absorbed in this saga? Could it be viewed as overtly threatening, libellous or defamatory, or revealing someone's personal details such as their home address or bank account number? 

If so, please amend it. It’s really not worth the potential hassle it may bring. Don’t trust any of these characters involved in this drama to do anything other than protect their own self interest.

Thanks all

CL Mod Team

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