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RIP Liam Tredwell (Grand national winning jockey)

RIP. Aged only 34 a good jockey as well.


  • Very sad news. RIP. 
  • Sad news, so young. RIP 
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    Very sad. Fought back from a serious head injury and seemed happy when last interviewed about his role as assistant trainer/jockey to Alastair Ralph. 

    I found this from an article written a year ago:

    Racing, he says, has come a long way with its understanding of mental health issues but still has some way to go. “Jockeys have this image of being indestructible,” he points out. “You get a fall, you get back as soon as you can, you’re fine, you stick your chest out and hold your chin up high.

    “I love my cricket. Cricketers see sports psychologists the whole time, but if you told some trainers you wouldn’t be in to ride out in the morning because you were seeing a psychologist they would ask, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ ”

    I hope that the BHA and Injured Jockeys Fund continue to help those in the industry who need help. The mind, very often, isn't as strong as the body.

  • Tragic. RIP Liam.
  • What a great shame. RIP  
  • Suffered with depression apparently. Sad, very sad. RIP

  • Very sad news...... RIP
  • Always in the history books as a National winner, but so tragically young to be lost.
    RIP Liam
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    Oggy Red said:
    Suffered with depression apparently. Sad, very sad. RIP
    His death is currently being treated as unexplained until a post mortem can take place. 

    I hope for his families sake it wasn't suicide, but it seems Ralph's comments to tend to lean that way.

    Rest in Peace Liam. Far too young.
  • Truly shocking.
    RIP Liam
  • Absolute tragedy. RIP Liam. 
  • Shocking news and very sad R.I.P
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