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Tommaso Berni

Not a name that everyone knows but surely he has created a record.

He has now been at Inter as backup(probably 3rd or 4th choice) goalkeeper for 6 years

Total apperances-0
Total Red Cards-2


  • Must be frustration.  3rd or 4th choice keeper, and he must be dreaming of the coach shouting "Berni Inn"
  • What a berk. More Berni Out than Berni Inn.
  • Happens alot in Italian football, subs and coaches getting Booked or sent off. 

    I always assumed they were betting on themselves
  • edited June 2020
    More Berni the Bolt (for those that remember The Golden Shot) rather than Berni Inn.

    (Note: The real Bernie The Bolt on The Golden Shot was, as it happened, a professional footballer, playing for 5 league clubs that included Everton. End of today's trivia!)
  • Both games were actually this year too.
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