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Cardigans are Cool

Some people have waited a long time, but now it's official. Cardigans are a fashion statement.

The humble cardigan is finally having a moment

best aw20 trends cardigan

Now here’s a fun one: Cardigans. The much-maligned, estranged cousin of the knitwear family, it would appear that these button-up jumpers are finally getting a look-in. And why not? In times of transitional weather, there are few layering pieces better to throw on than a thick cardigan. Somewhere between a coat and a light sweater, they’re highly practical and — if you choose wisely — surprisingly stylish.

That means no loud colours or patterns. Keep your newfound red colour palette and loud checks away from your cardigan. Instead, opt for neutral, versatile colours — such as this cream shawl neck from New & Lingwood, a deep, dark navy from Turnbull & Asser, or a mid-grey from Brunello Cucinelli.


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