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Terence Conran RIP

Design visionary and founder of Habitat. 




    Shopped a lot in Habitat in my younger days, when we could afford it.
  • Influential, simple attractive designs. Not always to my taste, but no doubting his importance. RIP Sir Tel.   
  • brought style and 'affordable' fashionable and useful goods to the high street .. an important man in post war British retailing .. R I P
  • RIP.  60's icon.
  • edited September 2020
     "a very simple belief that good design improves the quality of people's lives".

    "It is hard to overstate how uninteresting London was then," he later said. "You could go along a terrace of houses, and every living room you looked in was the exactly the same, with the same extremely dreary furniture."

    So true. 

    Sadly, I can’t buy anything now unless it’s well designed, which can be infuriating but in truth not a bad trait to have. Took me ages trying to find the right key ring the other day!

    Used to love going into the Conran shop mostly beyond my means but occasionally I was able to indulge myself.

    Also created the Design Museum.

    R I P Terence.
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