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Cover to Cover: Pressure Drop

Two versions of the same song.

Listen to both with prejudice and say which you prefer and why.

In tribute to Toots, who left us yesterday, his 1969 original v the 1980 cover by the Clash

PS Yes, I know. The Specials and Robert Palmer but this is the choice facing you today.


  • Love The Maytals, but always all things Clash.
    Think they were an introduction to Reggae for alot of people. 
  • Very rare that I don’t put The Clash first, but the song is more suited to the Maytals approach. 
  • Toots and the Maytals. Remember hearing them singing it in the film The Harder They Come and it was fantastic. Love the Clash version as well
  • Toots for me. Though, to be fair, The Clash do a better version of White Riot.
  • Toots for me - the vocals are just perfect. I still like the Clash version.

  • On this one it is definitely Toots.
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    Toots for me. I like the Ska-rish version that the Clash did but its second best. 
  • I like the Clash version (and they do bring something to it that's their own) but Toots all the way for me. 
  • Toots for me. got to love the humming. 

    The Clash do a pretty good job though. 
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  • Always Toots but love a bit of Clash to.
  • Well you learn something everyday, never knew the Clash did a version so the first time of hearing for me ............ & I hope the last, think it sounds very weak compared to the Maytals. Mind you loved it way back in 70/71 when I first bought it & although my ska & reggae collection is long gone I still love hearing it. I think the first version you hear of a song normally is the one that sticks.  
  • The Maytals.

    The original Armagiddion Time by Willie Williams was covered by the Clash on Black Market Clash.  I know this is about the Maytals but there's currently an exhibition on at the London Museum called London Calling The Clash that's worth checking out.

    Going off topic a bit but talking about reggae covers, theres an album by Little Roy called Battle For Seattle that is a covers album of Nirvana, sounds like it'd be shit but it's great, Nevermind Dub Discomix

  • Toots & was he maytals for me but a bit more of a difficult choice than these often are.
  • Probably the easiest one you've put up, Henners.
    I'm a big Clash fan but Toots wins this by a country mile.
  • Can only be Toots and the Maytals.

  • Love the Clash but Toots for me too.
  • Toots, comfortably. I really like the Clash, but I don't think there's any cover (even the Specials', which I'm incredibly fond of) that can quite capture what Toots and the Maytals introduced to the rest of us.

  • Love both versions but Toots an easy winner.
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