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The Social Dilemma.

A really interesting watch. 

I highly recommend watching it if you're curious as to whether you spend too much time on social media... Obviously slightly hypocritical as we're on here! But this is the big ones. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram... They're all corrupting us, driving us to click just one more, just one more... 

Youtube is my weakest of the big ones and it's obvious watching this documentary that i need to cap my time on it. 

Youtube, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter are all wising up to how their tools are being manipulated by these companies so are putting in barriers you can choose to use, but is it too little too late? They make too much money from the adds etc... 

I have literally just cleansed down all my social media after watching it last night. 

Facebook - Now just a marketplace. Deleted my account and created a fresh one.

Twitter - removed anything that I've followed that advertises anything. 

Instagram - Same as Twitter. 

Youtube, the same and now all I see is shit, so I have re-subbed my favourite channels. 

Do it, cleanse your social media. 


  • Haven't seen the documentary but I'm with you on this one. I realised I was spending far too much time on social media so have massively cut down.

    Deleted my Facebook completely. Uninstalled Instagram. Unsubscribed from most of the people I followed on YouTube. Unfollowed 80ish people on Twitter
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