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Football ground for sale

Sports facilities for sale

Macclesfield Town Football Club, Moss Rose Ground London Road, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 7SP


  • Dave Rudd said:
    "Hello, Chris?  Paul here."
    Spot on, annual rent of £1!
  • I wonder how much people were offering to pay for the Football Club?
  • Half a mil. Oop north. And you don't even get the freehold.  Tell them I'm not interested. 
  • sad 
  • redman said:

    I agree, football clubs are such a part of  the community, it is very sad the way things are going.
  • redman said:
    Isn’t it, imagine if you saw the Valley punted on RightMove. Must be absolutely heartbreaking for Macclesfield fans. 
  • Elliott can buy the whole club for his two week stake in ours. Fingers crossed he goes nowhere near them.

    Does anyone think we will start seeing more ex players buying clubs between them, or bigger clubs pushing to be able to ‘support’ individual clubs and all that could entail.
  • It is terribly sad.
  • That seems cheap to me
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  • Surely there must be a way for them to raise money to buy that and start again?
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