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PFA to fund weekly Covid checks (but not tests?)

The Professional Footballers' Association has announced it will fund weekly checks to support EFL clubs in ensuring they continue to comply with coronavirus protocols designed to protect players and coaching staff.

A number of matches in the EFL in recent weeks have had to be postponed as a result of coronavirus infections among playing squads and there has been a concern that, as cases rise nationally, more games could be threatened.

There was also controversy over the weekend concerning Tranmere, whose chairman Mark Palios said they were told by the EFL they had to play their League Two match at Salford despite two players testing positive for coronavirus and a further four forced to self-isolate.

The funding from the players' union, which has not been disclosed but is understood to be substantial, will pay for experts from the Sports Grounds Safety Authority to visit clubs' training grounds and stadiums to ensure adherence with protocols. A selection of clubs will be visited each week for the remainder of the 2020-21 season.

It is understood the funding will not pay for any additional testing, but will nevertheless be a huge help to EFL clubs having to cope with the absence of spectators, after the Government pressed pause on the October 1 fans' return due to a second wave of Covid-19 infections.


  • @Covered End I've changed the heading, cos the piece says they're not actually paying for the tests just making sure there's adherence to the protocols. To be honest, I don't see why they aren't paying for the testing as well, given this is a matter of the players' well-being, and the clubs have an incentive not to test.
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