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Armed Forces Addick's - Calling serving and ex serving Armed Forces supporters

In the wake of the positive waves around the club, fellow Addick Harvey Marsden and myself have decided to set up a supporters group for Addicks from the forces family, 

The primarily aims of the group are to:
  • Establish links between past and present members of the forces community with a shared interest in the club.

  • Provide a way to share unused tickets to members.

  • Organising a group presence and travel to fixtures should others not have anyone else to go with.

  • Establish a team of willing volunteers for fundraising opportunities.

  • Establish a continuing point of presence for the club around Remembrance Day and Armed Forces Day.

  • Become a point of contact for Armed Forces personnel from outside their own chain of command for the purposes of welfare and advice.

  • Highlight achievements of members.

  • Become a point of contact to the resident units in Woolwich Garrison and strengthen the bond between the club and the Armed Forces.

If you are currently serving or have served in the armed forces, regular or reserve, and would like to join, then please drop an email to [email protected] or give us a follow on twitter @AFAddicksSC

Its free and only a few basic questions to verify your service are required, a regular newsletter and irregular meetings are in the pipeline so it would be good to meet a few of you before a game, pull up a sandbag and have a beer. 

Clive Harris          


  • Does three years in the cubs count?
  • Does three years in the cubs count?
    Only if Akela allowed you to carry cudgels.
  • Great idea that 👍👍
  • Brother 25 years in RN. I will point him to this. Good idea.
  • Does working for the navy for donkeys years and working for the MOD count......:)
  • Great work from you and Harvey, Clive. I look forward to being an active member. Cheers mate.
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  • Snap although I won't be wearing this one, for the Museum only.

  • Yeah got mine today in the post, very nice indeed, look forward to wearing this at the Valley whenever that might be, many thanks Clive et al 👍
  • Yep, mine came today very good quality.
    Thanks to all involved, looking forward to our first get together.

    Per Mare Per Terram.
  • Armed Forces Addicks are pleased to be hosting a Zoom call with striker Conor Washington on Monday April 12th 1900-2030

    This will be the first time a member of the playing staff has joined us and as Conor has direct links to the Armed Forces he will make the perfect guest. 

    The idea is for Conor to join us between 1945-2030 for a Q&A, the call will open at 1900 so we can have a beer, a whinge and swing the light until he joins us.

    The meeting is open to members via the zoom link sent out on the groups email,

    We do have a small number of spaces available on the call should anyone from the wider 'Addicks' community wish to join us, if so please drop me a DM            
  • My late Father would have been really up for this - he was REME - first National Service in 1957, then Regular, then TA - all the way through to 1993 - made the rank of Captain, having started as a Craftsman - after 1993, he was Chairman of South East England REME Association for many years - sadly passed away 2017
  • Forgot all about this group, sorry guys.

    Just passed on the link to my kid brother, ex submariner of 25 odd years standing.

    I am sure you will have a new member there.

  • Cheers @soapy_jones, I have had an email from him overnight so will get him signed up today
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  • Sounds like a really good evening, congrats to all involved.

    (My only chance of being in the armed services now is if they start a real "Dad's Army", so I'll watch this one from afar, with interest). :smile:
  • Glad the meeting went well. Well done Clive setting up the group
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    So very sorry I couldn't join last night due to a previous engagement...but happy to have joined the Armed Forces Group.....thanks for the write up Clive, much appreciated.
  • Thanks Clive, very enjoyable hour and a half, great to talk Charlton with a bunch of mates, missed that during lockdown.
  • I was in the cubs in 1966 and I had a stick. Am I able to join this group?
  • Sounds like a good night, good work Clive.
  • Question for John, you mentioned during the evening something about Norwich, or Norfolk.  Are you from around these parts, and if so, did you come to "The Murders" last season for the Fulham game?  Sorry, I can't remember all those who were there.
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    Question for John, you mentioned during the evening something about Norwich, or Norfolk.  Are you from around these parts, and if so, did you come to "The Murders" last season for the Fulham game?  Sorry, I can't remember all those who were there.
    Hello mate. Yes, I am in Norwich (Sprowston/Old Catton border). I was unable to get to The Murderers for the Fulham game as I was still in Saudi working at the time. Well up for any future get togethers though.

    @SE7toSG3 Clive, great write up and all I can add is that I simply echo and endorse your précis of the evening and your thanks to all concerned.

    However, I am still marvelling at how you disappeared down that trap door at the back of your 'man cave' when you went for a leak! 
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