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Posting a video on CL

Not really troubleshooting, more plain ignorance on my part.  I took a short video off the telly and tried to post it onto the America’s Cub yachting website - but it simply wouldn’t go.  What buttons do I have to push?


  • You need to host it somewhere first. So you could put it on YouTube or tweet it and then post a link to that.
  • Thanks Chizz.  I’ll play around with that suggestion.
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    It’s also important to be aware of what your using to view and share vid @Blackheathen.

    I know if I’m viewing on my mobile and try sharing or copy and paste, only the link appears.

    But if I viewing from my desktop and I click the share icon below vid and then click ‘copy link’ and then paste into this thread or similar the vid itself shows up.
  • Thanks sillav
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