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Addicks in Central Europe

Got myself a new job starting this summer, so I’ll be departing the ranks of Addicks in America and joining the ranks of Addicks in Europe. Sadly, I never got a chance to meet up with any of you fellow Addicks while out here, but it’d be nice to do so in Europe if possible.

My destination is Bratislava, capital of Slovakia. Any other Addicks based in the region? I assume @PragueAddick is in, er, Prague (and that’s not even that close!), but other than that, not really aware of anyone on here being based in the central/eastern European region. 
So, is anyone else living in Bratislava or somewhere nearby? And if anyone has any tips or hints for when I arrive in 6 months, I’d be very grateful!


  • I have no knowledge of Bratislava but I've always found these to be really top notch guides for cities in central and eastern europe
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  • Thanks @Weegie Addick. 👍🏼
     I did see that thread, but the region I’m going is just a bit further east, like Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Czechia sort of thing.
  • My next door neighbours here are Slovakian and very nice with it.
  • One hour up the road.
  • I have no knowledge of Bratislava just thought I’d tell you that.
  • One hour up the road.
    Hello @Vienna_Addick
    I’m guessing you’ve visited Bratislava while in Vienna? Any insights would be most welcome! Also if you have any tips for when visiting Vienna as I’m sure we’ll be going there when we get a chance. 👍🏼

  • Haven't been to Bratislava for a few years now, so my impressions are somewhat dated. I used to go there for work reasons and I just drove the same route in and out. Our partner was right next to the Slovan ice hockey stadium and near the Slovan football ground. Ice hockey is the main national sport, and the football is lousy. Almost as bad as Austria (and watching Charlton at the moment).

    Slovakia was the poorer end of Czechoslovakia, and Bratislava was very much the poor relation of Prague. The people are very friendly though, and Tesco is everywhere, if you miss British food. Brexit may be affecting deliveries now, I suppose. After the Iron Curtain disappeared, there was, in terms of shops, virtually nothing, so all the shopping centres are modern and spacious.

    Vienna is just over an hour up the road. If you prefer a boat trip, I'm sure that, post Covid, they will bring back the centre to centre high speed catamaran connection (75 mins). Happy to show you some of the sights here, if you don't mind being shown around by a couple of OAPs! :)

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