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The Valley Party-3rd May 1990

It's 31 years ago today when the Valley Party stood in the local elections in Greenwich, how many of the candidates are still around today?


  • _MrDick said:
    I stood in Avery Hill ward. Several others on here who will be familiar to everyone, stood in the borough.

    What an outstanding team effort it was. Even in my ward, which wasn't a huge target since it was liberal held, I had fantastic help from fellow supporters.

    Plus the management and the PR behind the campaign was simply first class.

    Thank you to everyone who did their bit. You played your part in shaping the history of our great club.

    I was helping David Fox deliver leaflets in one of the Avery Hill wards. A boiling hot day, if I remember rightly. The Labour Party candidate was driving round the streets with a megaphone strapped to the roof rack of his car telling people not to vote for the Valley Party. Think we made a bit of an impact that day. It was a shame there wasn’t smart phones in those days. Plenty of opportunities to have a picture taken holding a baby 🤣🤣 ... Good memories. 
    So many heroes that day and you were definitely one of them.
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  • my dad delivered leaflets but the most i can claim is being outside the town hall on that night  
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