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CAST MAY 2021 survey results

Here are the outcomes in terms of season ticket intentions, expectations for the season and general attitudes about the state of the club. We have decided to report fully on response to the questions about ValleyTV and the general streaming debate in more depth next week.


  • What a change. Wonderful. Thank you MrS and CAS Trust
  • "(for women respondents belief in the management of Nigel Adkins was more important (42%) than getting together with family and friends (38%)"

    Does Adkins know he's now officially a babe magnet?

    I'm I likely to get in bother for referring to Fanny, KBslittlesis and Weegie as 'babes'?
  • I'll leave you in the "safe" hands of the other two @AddicksAddict. Good luck!
  • Did I win?
  • Did Thomas agree to the free away train travel?
  • A lot of positivity in that feedback and although only a sample size of the fan base which for various reasons might not necessarily be reflective of everybody else’s opinion it probably is in this case because season ticket sales are running at 10 times what they were in those answers and the season won’t start to seem as looming to fans for a while yet so more st sales are still likely.
  • So 55% (already bought) + 4% (will buy) = 59% will definitely buy a season ticket and there is 12% glory boy / fairweather to be wooed so that leaves 29% who won't buy one so i presume will buy on a match by match basis to a greater or lesser extent. Some of the 4% have probably bought by now but if we assume a good set of signings, then we hopefully scoop up most of the glory boys. This will still probably see us fall a bit short of the 10k season ticket mark. That's my take on it - its only a survey however and those less engaged atm probably haven't done the survey and for the same reason haven't bought their season ticket yet so we may well still sell well in excess of 10k. We shall see - (no offence intended to glory boys or fairweathers btw, :)   
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