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Charlie Kirk (p56 - left by mutual consent)

Give the lad his own thread, he deserves it at the very least!!



  • Bold signing
  • Very very happy with this 
  • Yeah not bad, we still need six or seven more

    Blah blah blah moan moan moan
  • four years too, that's more like it.
  • Love the signing
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  • Brilliant, created the most chances in the league last year I think, Stockley will be delighted. He's taken the Solly number as well, good choice
  • 4 year contract is the most exciting part! (as long as he doesn't turn out to be a dud) 
  • Can't say I know much about Kirk's ability but looks like we've signed a young exciting attacking player on a long term deal.

    I know people have not been to happy with the lack of signings, but so far I think everyone we have has been a fantastic piece of work. 
  • Captain Kirk you beauty. 
  • ButtleJR said:
    Unbelievable signing. Really takes us up a level and gives us balance up front. Ambition is there 
    I am convinced that Stockley and Famewo were the top targets this summer. Got to believe Kirk was on the A-list alongside them two as we went for him in January. Might not be a deal outside league 1, but in this division it is a top signing.  
  • Very good signing. 

    Good player that solves our LW problem. 
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  • Don't know much about him other than what I pick up on here and that is that he'd be a welcome addition.  Sad news about his father and I admire his professionalism in getting this done with everything going on.

    Pleased for Adkins as it's obvious we need bodies, and decent ones.  Pleased for TS has I have felt a few people have been questioning his actions recently, but you can't question his commitment, especially as this will involve a fee.  Look forward to seeing him play.
  • Excellent signing. Good news.
  • What is Charlie going to bring to the team ? Tia
  • Best clips of Kirk please so I can get excited with this signing😀 seen all the ones with Spock in them thanks just in case get a smart arse
  • Exactly the sort of player we need to sign to have any hope of making this work - we need to go back to having a core of good young players with an upward trajectory and resale value. It is literally the only way football is not a bottomless black hole for anyone apart from the elite.

    Fantastic signing. Can't wait to see him play when he has managed to get things sorted following his terrible news.
  • Great signing. Welcome to the other CAFC family.
  • Great news.

    But whose car was that in the car park?
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