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Location of a particular pawnbroker in SE London.

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A couple or so years back I remember seeing a TV series about high end pawnbrokers. As far as I know it was called Posh Pawn.
One of the shops featured in the series was somewhere in SE London with a real SE London ‘Jack the Lad’  owner, who I recognised immediately. To this day I don’t know where I know him from but I believe he may well be an Addick, given where the shop was.
I am trying to find out where the shop is/was…..I thought it was in the Sidcup/Bexley/Bexleyheath area.
Do any of you remember either the show the shop or him?
I have done a Google search for an hour or two but not come up with anything.
Can anyone shed a light on either his name or where the shop is?
Cheers me dears.🤞


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    Well done mate……can’t believe CL at times….100-1 shot and just past midnight a few minutes later someone comes up trumps! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
    The guy I’m looking for is Charlie Devine, I wonder if he’s related to Tommy Devine who came out of Lewisham and had a pub in Woolwich back in the day, used to go to The Valley on the odd occasion and was quite a good centre forward too. A real hard nut was Tommy.
    Thanks a million Ultimatum …..I hope they’re still in business.🤞
  • What are you looking at pawning?

    I can do you some good deals at great rates, but I draw the line at some of your 'fashion items'.

  • Their Dad Charlie is a mate of mine from Peckham and is a Millwall supporter, one of the nicest men you'll ever meet.
    I was with him one Saturday morning he was taking his grandson to his first match at The Den, I said you should be reported to the NSPCC.
    He's got a good sense of humour. 
  • This is a classic, totally random, Charlton Life thread! 
  • se9addick said:
    This is a classic, totally random, Charlton Life thread! 
    Caught looking at pawn at midnight.

    This thread needed a 10 minute preview! 
  • Think he used to run the greyhound pub in Woolwich, he was also related to Sean Devine, the Barnet striker.
  • They also have a branch on Chislehurst high street and are currently filming for something. 
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    I know for sure that I have been in Charlie’s company at some point, I just can’t for the life of me think where and when.
    Just thought it might have been at The Valley.
    I have a couple of watches and bronzes I am looking to get rid of as well as a private plate MI55 AAY (can also be MI55AAY), on a retention certificate.
    Keeping 1905 CA until we’re back in The Prem.😎
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