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    Thanks to the Trust for organising. Well done to everyone who helped make this happen.
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    As a fan it does bring a tear to my eye.Brilliant!
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    edited September 2021
    Fantastic, well done to all involved.

    Look forward to seeing it.

    I still think about Seb pretty often, and how sad it all is, which is weird in a way given he's someone I think I literally spoke to once.  Just shows how much a part of Charlton he was I guess.
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    I’d love to be there.
    Gutted I won’t 😞
    I look forward to everyone’s photos until I get over to see it myself.
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    Will make sure I’m there for the unveiling.
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    What’s the reason behind the placement of the mural? Is that the turnstiles Seb used?
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    Really looking forward to seeing this.

    Reading that article, it dawned on me that the first home game of this season marked the first time I've ever seen a Charlton match without Seb in attendance. And I've been to hundreds of games in my 24 years of life. Emphasises what a loyal support he was. 

    Proper legend!
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    Look forward to seeing it and remembering the legend that he was. Will definitely be there for 2pm.
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    I hope to be there with a bottle of WKD 
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