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Cover to Cover - Different Drum

Totally coincidently, despite the title, given what's going on with CAFC.

Two versions of the same song. Listen without prejudice and say which you prefer.  No other versions allowed.

So will it be the 1967 hit (not quite the original but the first hit) from the Stone Poneys with Linda Ronstadt (men of a certain age "sigh") on vocals or the 1990 cover by the Lemonheads? You decide.


  • Written by Mike Nesmith of The Monkees fame. Will have to vote for the "purer" The Stone Poneys version 
  • Stone Poneys Best by a mile for me.     1) Linda Ronstadt great voice.   2) Clarity of the sound   3) Considering the decades difference and the quality of sound equipment now to then the lemonheads bring nothing better IMO.     
  • Lemonheads obviously. 
  • Well, I know that you didn't go for the PP Arnold cover because that would be too one sided

    But of the choice, Stone Poneys edge it
  • Uboat said:
    Lemonheads obviously. 
    Another shout out for Lemonheads version. Their Favourite Spanish Dishes EP is superb.
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    Two fantastic versions...firstly what a great is so coverable..Linda edges it for me but I have them both on shuffle now...I really like the pp Arnold version too ...

  • Surprisingly of the two, I prefer the Lemonheads version

    Though that PP Arnold version is my favourite
  • Like the Lemonheads, but prefer Stone Ponies version 
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    For me, possibly the most one sided C2C in living memory. In the red corner we have The Lemonheads, and excellent band who know how to take a cover version and make it their own. They've produced something that's distinctive and highly listenable. Sure, it's not got the energy of Hate Your Friends or the intelligent humour of Car Button Cloth, but it's a decent record. In the blue corner we have an unpleasant dirge. To borrow Tovey and Rice's term this is 'easy listening for the hard of hearing'. The plink-a-plonk music sounds like is was played by Schroeder on his toy piano whilst those awful warbling vocals sound like they could have filled the boring segment in a Two Ronnies show to secure a 'light entertainment' budget. This sounds like the sort of shit I was tortured with as a boy. It's a recording that demands it's own parental advisory sticker:

    Verdict: One-punch knockout for the Boston boys.
  • Lemonheads.
    Think I prefer PP Arnold version to the other one too.
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  • I'm with Stig.
    Stone Poneys is an absolute makes you want to smash the radio dirge.
    A bit disappointed that the Lemonheads is only marginally better.
    God awful.
  • Never heard the song before, Lemonheads for me.
  • Also not heard the song before and I like both versions so too difficult to choose. 
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