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Should we get paid..?

When on the bus, part of my contract with the bus company, is having my visual field polluted by advertising.
Fine, it is part of the deal...
But when in traffic behind a bus, I become a target of a commercial transaction by being subjected to advertising on the outside of the bus with which I have no dealings whatsoever - thus  donating my precious visual cache for free.

Simple solution could be a barcode on the add which is scanned automatically by a sensor in my car/phone, and voilà,  royalties my way.

Easy Hey? 

Monday traffic...


  • Huskaris said:
    I like to fantasise that every advert I look at is a future sexual encounter. 

    Gets me through the week... 
    My wife found out...
    I'm banned from the sink.

    (And you thought Guardiolla was a master tactician. ..)
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    Please don't take any more money out of the ad industry. It's shit enough as it is. 
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    I would love to talk philosophy with marketeers, but for best results I better speak their language
  • Not for bus adverts but you can now get paid for online adverts via Gener8 I believe.  Sadly not on phones yet but works on tablets/computers.
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