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Charlton Live podcast released - Look back at Lincoln with Adkins post-match interview


This week's @charltonlive is out now!

Join Louis Mendez, Nathan Muller and Mark Newbury as they discuss the defeat at Lincoln City. They hear the highlights of the game and also post-match reaction from under pressure boss Nigel Adkins. They discuss the many issues with the performance and Charlton's season so far and whether the manager has much more time to turn things around. Fans who were at the game also share their views on the display and the appearance of an unexpected item in the six-yard box.

Charlton Live were among the nominees for The Football Supporters’ Associations’ Club Podcast of the Year award – thanks for your support! Our shows are available as podcasts via Acast, iTunes, Deezer and many other platforms. To contact us - email or tweet @charltonlive


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    Completely forgot I spoke coming out the ground 😂
    Great show chaps.  
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    Nice one mate. At least one more lifer in the fans’ bar feature as well who I spoke to on the train. 
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    Well done doing this every week 

    Can't say it's a fun listen but that isn't really what you get most the time following us is it? 

    Nathan's Muhammed Ali-esque hum along with your Bromley soporific professional vocals make me feel better. Chuck Greg's smooth arse crack into the mix and I know better days are coming. 

    Also its nice to know so many other peoples Saturdays were ruined by this sack of coasters currently pulling a living out if our majestic club 
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    Greg’s arse improves any podcast 
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