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STATBANK: Charlton 2-3 Accrington

many thanks to the 74 Lifers who gave marks


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    The best 2 players at the top

    Just picking out 2 numbers, the pass percentages for our CBs (bearing in mind that defenders makes lots of sideways passes to each other) are 53 and 54%, and McG's an even worse 43%.

    That shows how often we hoofed from the back, and how unsuccessful it was
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    Gilbey clearly has taken over from Pratley the ability to do a lot of minor fouls without being yellowed for them
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    To be fair, and in no way condoning our performance, Accrington had mastered the art of falling over without being touched and conning the ref. At least 3 of those Gilbey fouls were dives, probably more (strangely the game is already fading in my mind... which isn't a bad thing). 
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    edited October 2021
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    Surprised our team avarage was as high as 5.01 and the ref as high as 4.34. Obviously a lot of people much more generous with their markings than me. 
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