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Cover to Cover - Bad Company

Views? Was blown away by Five Finger Death Punch's version.

Trying to find to new Paul Rodgers......


  • Two accomplished performances of a listenable but generally dull song. Either would be acceptable as background music, but I'd never chose to listen to either (not sure Five Finger Death Punch, would want to be thought of as background though). I'm going for the Five Finger Death Punch version based on the following:
    • Greater dynamic range of the song.
    • More interesting vocals.
    • Better quality production - clearer instrumentation.
    • It's shorter. Bad Company's version (like much of that era) felt like they'd stretched 2 minutes of decent music into a 5½ minute song.
    • Better band name.
    • More interesting video (the helmet drumming amused me). 
    I am taking points off for that shitty eagle bit at the end though. All in all though, I'd have rather listened to Rubycon.
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