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Match Thread: Morecambe v Charlton Athletic | Tuesday 23 November 2021



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    Ref blew up early because his arthritic knees couldn’t take anymore 
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    Sick of being right 
    when Charlton fans get punchy 
    sell Charlton 
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    edited November 2021
    Who's the wanker in the black. Unbelievable time to blow up.

    Missed Pearce and Stockley and plenty of fatigue but a point on the road against a team who, whilst limited, have a tough game plan to overcome.

    only real frustration was Kirk who got the ball in plenty of space so many times in his 15 mins and did so little with it.

    well done lads.
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    What Kirk suppose to be good at? Lm who is so obvious that he’ll cut in. Rather play a lb at lm than him. So many chances to run at their RB and he didn’t as he’s right footed 
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    Run out of puff a wee bit. 
    And unfortunately the ref had too much puff in his whistle.
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    Jackson’s win % drops to 67%, disgraceful 
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    Plymouth 0 Wycombe 3
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    interesting stats:
    2 bottles of wine
    4 fucks
    6 wanks
    came 2
    1 large doner
    1 vindaloo
    6 pompadoms

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    ross1 said:
    Plymouth 0 Wycombe 3
    Another team we've broken.
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    Thanks everyone, over to the post-match thread.
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