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Down Syndrome Bill

I do hope the Down Syndrome Bill supporting their need for social care is passed today in the Commons. Respect indeed for conservative Dr Liam Fox for proposing the Bill. Down's people have made tremendous strides over the past few decades and long may it continue.


  • Only England though.
  • I was watching the early morning news on BBC.
    New Covid variant suspected,12 year old girl in Liverpool stabbed to death with four youths in custody, boat full of illegal immigrants flounders in English Channel, many drowned and huge row developing with France re the situation.
    I was in despair and then out of the blue came this piece of wonderful heart lifting news.
    I hope this leads to us seeing more Downs people out there doing some useful jobs and activities.
    Working in supermarkets is one place where they could have a higher profile which would put them right in the spotlight of social contact and appreciation.
    I wonder if there are one or two positions that the club can find, even if it’s only on match days?
    I hope this can be looked into.🤞🤞🤞

    I couldn't agree with you more!
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