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Boldon Villa suffer serious ground damage as a result of storm Arwen

edited November 2021 in General Charlton
Boldon Villa , the club that gave us Sam Bartram and Jack Shreeve , have suffered some serious ground damage as a result of storm Arwen. Clubs at this level rely on the hard work of a few volunteers , so this damage has been a big blow to them. They recently won promotion and as a result had to make ground improvements to be able to make the step up. The museum are going to make a donation towards the cost of repairs. If anyone would like to contribute we will forward donations onto Boldon. Donations can be made via our Paypal account linked to this email address [email protected] , please add note ' Boldon CA FC '. Payment can also be made via our bank account , leave a message on this thread and we will forward you payment details.



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