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  • "And for the next prize in the Auction, two nights in a StTruiden hotel including a 'Day in the life of a football scout" alongside Electronic scouting maestro Thomas Dreisen!"
  • "Second, in the 2021 Ballon D'or, Sir Chris Powell from England!"
  • Powell: I can see that Scotty's ventriloquist act hasn't improved
  • Powell: Why, oh why, is Scott singing ‘Addicks to Victory’ on national TV?!
  • Powell. “How come I got a table with Brownie. He talks even more after a beer”.
  • Powell: FFS - I can't believe Scott's getting noshed off by Priti Patel!
    powell:- “ oh shit!!  I loaded the wrong video. Scott’s gonna go ballistic “ 🤦🏻
  • edited November 2021
    Forget the caption..what's Chris doing under the sheet...certainly trying to concentrate on something....Mmmm ;)B)
  • Minto: And now I present to you, your new leader of entertainment and hospitality at the valley, Katrien Meire! 
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  • Man offers Chris a shoulder to cry on.
  • SCP - Ffs, who let @KillersBeard have more Old Peculiar 💨💨💨💨

  • Curbs "cough cocksucker cough"

    Powell "fucks sake, who gave curbs the tequila" 

  • Minto wonders whether hiring Jim Davidson as speech writer was wise 
  • Powell: "Oh no......he's telling everyone how 'Curbs Cans' originated"

  • Powell reacts after listening to Curbs talk for 30 minutes about how good Paul Konchesky was
  • SCP: Corblimey someone's dropped a proper vicious airbiscuit
    AC: Think I got away with that one 
    Brownie:  Fuck me that's awful and I'll get the blame...
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