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Portsmouth away [31/1/22] Advance train tickets

Plenty of Advance Singles available on most trains priced at £9.20 [£6.05] between Waterloo/Fratton.
Last train departs Fratton 22.28 & arrives at Waterloo at 00.31
Railcard fares in brackets


  • For fans in Brasil, SportTV will be showing this game.  They show all the Sky games as over here.
  • Match tickets on sale at 9.30am 
  • The last direct train to London has been cancelled, the only alternative train route back to London is the 22.23 to Brighton arr 23.49 & change onto the 00.04 to Blackfriars arr 01.35.
    There are still spaces on the Valley Away coaches.
  • I wonder if Sky knows what disruption they’ve caused by moving this game to Monday night, probably causing an issue for the home fans as well as the away ones ? Perhaps a few prominently placed banners and flags at games like this with a suitable message might help them realise ? Maybe there should be an agreement in place that if they move any Saturday game to midweek that’s not between two clubs from the same city then they have to lay on free transport for those home and away fans that need it. Or, if the game attracts a crowd less than the average home or away fans for the season so far then the club whose fans are disadvantaged, or both if that’s the case, gets double the tv fee.
  • South Western Railways have trimmed all services - nothing to do with football.

    Last train leaves London at 10:45 so its awkward to go for any night out.

    Covid is going to be an excuse for all sorts of shit for a while yet! 
  • It's outrageous that they can cancel the last train back when they must of known there was a match on.
    Just another example of not giving a shit about football fans despite the millions that fans across the country pay in fares every season. 
    100%. First game I looked out for when the fixture list came out, was pissed off enough Sky moving it to Monday but gutted about this train malarkey. The one back via Brighton looks pretty horrendous, and even ended up in Blackfriars is pretty poor for me. Leave on 70 minutes is bookies favourite at the moment. 
  • .Poxy SW Railways has cancelled my train out from Bournemouth, the only one my son can get to after work and still make kick-off.
    Recently they have also so restricted the availability of their Super Off-Peak Tickets, that it is effectively a fare increase as forced to get a higher price ticket.
    (Advance singles don't work for me as too inflexible)
  • shirty5 said:
    So a train back at 22:15 (from Portsmouth and Southsea), so will get to Fratton a few minutes later
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  • Great news and well done the train company
  • clb74 said:
    Presumably that train will reverse to become the 22:15 back into London
  • clb74 said:
    Presumably that train will reverse to become the 22:15 back into London
    It might of helped if I'd read the tweet properly.

  • Might be difficult to get on that train though!  This will be the first one arriving for half an hour and the platform could be packed out with Pompey supporters waiting for a train up the line towards Havant and Brighton. Don't hang around after the game!
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