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Will we make the playoffs?

Looking at the table this morning, the gap is 10 points which really feels like a long way off, but theres a huge chunk of the season to go. 

We probably need to go on a 10 match unbeaten run from this point on (and beyond), winning 5 or 6 of them to really charge up the table. With 2 brilliant performances against Ipswich and Plymouth, and a couple of not so great ones under Jacko, Im 50/50 on if we can make it. I cant help but think if TS had pulled the trigger on Adkins after the Bolton game, we might be a couple of wins better off. 

I have my moments when I think the season is a write-off, so lets just finish as high as we can, but then a game like last night makes me feel like we could make a run for it. What do you guys think?


  • Not sure.
  • Can't see us getting playoffs, we will be up there and will not be far off but think it's too much of a tall order. Next year though with JJ at the helm!
  • While it’s possible we should believe we can. Especially if we have good form and a run of good results.
  • No I don’t think so but at least it won’t be a completely embarrassing season

    That said, if we do make them I’d fancy us to go all the way. There’s clearly great team spirit there. 
  • There’s always a team who goes on a run from about where we are now into the playoffs through the second half of the season. No reason it shouldn’t be us.
  • No - but before Jacko took the helm relegation was staring us in the face. I think we will finish 7-10th which based on where we were I will take happily.
  • Its not out of the question. 

    Unfortunately the form under Adkins means there is very little room for a downturn in results - Blackpool showed last season it was possible, so dont see why we cant give it a damned good go. 
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  • Sadly even with a great run we're likely to fall short, but having said that a 10 point deficit on the top 6 can be achieved and what a cracking second half to the season it would be. 
  • No but building blocks need to be put in place now for next season starting with Jacko as permanent manager and then get Lee, Leko and Famewo signed up on permanent deals. 
  • Can we? Theoretically yes. Will we? I doubt it unless we go on a truly astonishing run and several other teams all blow it.

    I think this season we've given ourselves too much to do but if lessons are learned we should be right up there next season. 
  • I'll be happy with mid table and playoffs will be a bonus. We've stopped the rot and can build from here.
  • Given that most of our play off rivals have a game or two in hand it's unlikely. Maybe if we can halve the gap by January we'll be in with a shout.
  • After 14 games we had 10 points - 13 points off the play-offs and 19 points off outright.
    After 21 games we've got 26 points - 10 points off play-offs and 15 points off outright.

    Which means a) be have out performed pretty much every team above us and b) there are 25 games to go.

    It's a bit like F1 where they predict how many laps it will take for Driver A to catch Driver B - keep our current run of form going and we catch them all by the end of the season!

    Nurse? NURSE??
  • We are not even halfway through the season, there are still 75 points to play for, so yes we absolutely can still make the Play Offs, especially if we invest in the squad in January.

    We have lost one league game in eight - that was to a last minute goal - and we have had that great run with major injuries in the squad.

    There is everything to play for.

  • Wycombe have 41 points from their 21 games and are 2nd, averaging 1.95 points per game. 

    If we match that form for the remainder of our 25 games (that's around 14 wins and a few draws), then we will make about 75 points. That should sneak us in.
  • Am pretty confident we will
  • No I don’t think we will and, if we were to, I think the exertion required to get there would give us little chance of winning the playoffs. 
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  • It will need us to average 2 points a game which is our form at the moment, but I think we’ll just run out of steam as the season comes towards a close. But Jacko has proved his worth - give him a contract to the end of 2023/24 season.
  • Two points behinds Oxford and Blackpool total after 21 games from last season. Would need to continue this form to the end of the season.
  • Not impossible but I don't think so, I think we'll end up being about 4 or 5 points short.

    Get the recruitment right in the summer though and I'll predict top 2 next season. 
  • I can't see the teams above us dropping enough points for us to catch up with them. But if there is a chance I think this team, under Jackson, can do it.
  • Definitely have a chance but we need to make sure we keep the good form up. No point beating Plymouth if you lose to Shrewsbury, no point beating Ipswich if we don't beat Cambridge.

    It's going to be tough though because in the second half of the season we have to go away to Wigan, Sheff Weds, Rotherham and Ipswich (who will surely improve).
  • We can certainly beat any team in this league but we need too many other teams to drop points whilst we barely drop any ourselves. 

    We're very capable of going on a good run but as Morecambe and Shrewsbury showed, a couple of injuries or suspensions can put a major dent in your plans.

    If TS had pulled the trigger on Adkins 3 games earlier we'd have a better chance but think there might be a bit too much to do.
  • It's 10 points but its also the amount of teams we've still got to get past in the table that makes it hard. Personally think we will end up in the 8th-10th area
  • Big ask. if Adkins had gone 3 games sooner then we probably would have done.  

    Personally I’m not too bothered, I’m just enjoying all of what’s going on at the moment - apart from the lack of contract for Jacko. Hopefully that will be sorted this week. 
  • We won’t. The start was horrendous and the string of results required will need to be top two form. I think we’ll finish eighth.
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