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Kinetic Foundation help over 50 players join pro academies


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    Isnt that the foundation we just signed someone else from - Ralph Hand (?)
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    Quite a big part of the BT sports 3 part documentary ‘South of the river’ (mentioned in another thread) was devoted to kinetic.
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    I am supprised the byline isn't from a regular poster, he list the graduates often enough :wink:
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    edited December 2021
    Ralfi Hand joined from Kinetic after a successful 6 weeks trial. My son works full time for the Kinetic foundation and on the 11/9 a kinetic team played the very talented
    Charlton 16-18 year old academy side at Sparrows lane. My lad said Steve Avory was impressed with 4 lads and when he found out Ralfi was only 16 and a strong attacking midfielder the wheels were set in motion for a trial.

    Even when Ralfi was on trial he was playing in the Youth Cup for Corinthians Casuals which was made up of the best of the kinetic lads and they won 5 matches before going out to Cambridge United. Ralfi Hand missed the United cup game because it  was after he signed.

    Deji Elerewe spent a short time at Kenetic before joining Cafc at a young age. I believe he was  13. 

    Harry Hudson told me about Joe Aribo's time at Kenetic and how it suddenly all clicked for him in the Gothia cup in Sweden.
    Omar Richards ex Reading now at Bayern Munich was also in the same side.
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    Ralfi is a top top player. Was at welling last season with my boy. Really want him to succeed and Dad's a nice fella too
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    Heard about Samuel Washington recently and how after an 8 week trial at Spurs, Charlton stepped in quickly and offered the Scholarship after Spurs didn't.
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