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As another year draws to a close, we want to know your...

As another year draws to a close, we want to know your...
Best player of 2021
Best goal of 2021
Best moment of 2021
Best game of 2021
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    Best player of 2021   Connor Washington
    Best goal of 2021      Can't remember
    Best moment of 2021 Jackos tunnel jump when he got the caretaker job and turned it round
    Best game of 2021   Burton away- first out of london away for me for a few seasons, went on my todd and ended up stood next to the bloke who has a season ticket next to me. Great day out even on my jack jones.
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    Best player of 2021 - Yup another vote for Washington.
    Best goal of 2021 - They all merge into one for me.
    Best moment of 2021 - The dildo goal at Lincoln - worst game though.
    Best game of 2021 - The two Plymouth games. 6-0 best game over all.  2-0 the best seen live.
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    Cant choose best player as most have been pretty average. It would be a toss up between Aneke, Washington and Gilbey.

    Best goal.  Individual- Washington v Morecambe. Team   -  Gilbey v Plymouth away

    Best game   - Plymouth 6-0

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    Player - Gilbey
    Goal - Shinnie half-volley vs Bristol Roversd
    Moment - final whistle at Sunderland, that's when the JJ project kicked into gear
    Game - 2-0 Plymouth (H)
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    Player - aneke
    goal - dunno , for some reason gilbey stroking home in that 6-0 at Plymouth sticks in my mind but sure there’s better than that 
    moment - Plymouth game , jacko😍
    game - Plymouth game, jacko 😍
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    Best player of 2021  heart says conor Washington head says chuks 
    Best goal of 2021  1st goal against Plymouth
    Best moment of 2021  Charlton beating Plymouth 
    Best game of 2021  Charlton beating Plymouth at home

    plymouth home game was the turning point for me . it was all an if and a but before then
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