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Sir Sidney Poitier RIP



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    An acting giant. R.I.P. My favourite film of his which is almost certainly not considered his best, but which I loved was Let's do it again. 
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    R I P .. good actor, ahead of his time
    Not my favourite actor though 

    edit : sorry; it’s been done ! 
  • Potter
    It’s Poitier 😉
  • Great actor and loved him in "To Sir with love". RIP Sidney.
  • Couldn't remember having watched him in anything, then remembered a depressing film called " The Bedford Incident" I think, with Richard Widmark starting nuclear war.
  • Quality actor.
  • Potter
    No its Harry Belafonte.

    Personally not seen any of his movies(that I'm aware of) probably before my time and usually avoid R.I.P threads if I don't know the person, but due to OFAH his name will always be known to me.

    So R.I.P 
    Don't ever go on Pointless Paulie...  :D

    Anyone who knows me will know why "Blackboard Jungle" is my favourite film of Sir Sidney's, closely followed by "To Sir With Love". Terrific actor and a proper gentleman by all accounts. RIP.  
  • Now here was a star RIP to a wonderful actor.
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