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Staines Town FC suspend all operations including fixtures due to fraud and modern slavery of owners



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    I couldn't be bothered to read all that. But, scrolling to the bottom of the page, I was surprised to learn that they are sponsored by Rapid Fire Supllies. Staines Massive Skips was altogether more believable. 
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    A good friend of mine is based in Cardiff for Downing. I’m not going to say it’s definitely inaccurate because of course things go on that the usual worker wouldn’t know about it. But he’s never noticed anything out of the ordinary and said they’re a pretty decent outfit to work for. The whole thing is just very odd 
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    That is an incredible statement.
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    I read this yesterday and honestly thought they'd been hacked at first. 

    Theres been some quite unique club statements over the years but this tops the table now by a long way!
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    Their owner seems a bit out there. 

    this was his proposed 7 month Traveller Tournament (which i don't think went ahead) that no one not even the travelling community wanted to be a part of.
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    only just read the statement.

    feel bad that this sentence made me chuckle. 

    This unfortunately means that there is no longer room for a full eleven a side sized football pitch at Wheatsheaf Park, namely that the penalty box now belongs to another party.
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